Huyben Lab

Research on the nutrition, microbiome and health of salmonid fishes

    The Huyben Lab studies fish nutrition, fish farming technologies, aqua-feeds, and pathogen control to investigate the effects of feeding lipids, proteins and probiotics on the growth, immune response and gut microbiome of salmonid fishes. The main research species for Huyben Lab are rainbow trout, Atlantic salmon, and lake whitefish.

    The lab has many collaborations and partnerships, including organizations such as the Aquaculture Centre, the Ontario Aquaculture Association, and the Aquaculture Association of Canada.


    The Huyben Lab focuses on nutrition, health and microbiome research of salmonid fishes. Dr. Huyben and his team have worked on a variety of projects aiming to improve the production of wild and farmed fish through the replacement of fishmeal and fish oil with sustainable ingredients and functional feeds. For the team’s current projects, visit the “Research Projects” tab.